Regional 2 RTAC

As part of the State of Georgia’s trauma system, the Regional Trauma Advisory Committee (RTAC) develops and maintains the region's trauma system plan and monitors system compliance and improvement activities. The RTAC is comprised of EMS agencies, participating hospitals, local governments and the public.

A Level II Trauma Center

NGMC Gainesville is a designated Level II trauma center. There are four levels of trauma centers defined by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma each with their own requirements:

  • Level I is the highest level of trauma center designation. In addition to providing clinical care, Level I centers have responsibilities related to trauma medical education and trauma research. Most centers that meet Level I criteria are academic facilities that have active surgical residency programs.

  • Level II centers generally provide the same level of clinical care as a Level I, but usually do not focus on medical education or trauma research. Some patients with very complex injuries may require transfer to a Level I center.

  • Level III centers provide trauma assessment, resuscitation, emergency surgery, and stabilization. They are not required to have all the surgical sub-specialties as Level I and II centers and, therefore, will transfer patients to Level I or II centers when appropriate.

  • Level IV centers provide advanced life support, stabilization, and the ability to transfer patients to Level I or II centers. A Level IV center may be a clinic or hospital in a remote area and may or may not have a physician available 24 hours a day.

RTAC Leadership

  • RTAC Chair: Chad Black, Chair, Hall County Fire & EMS

  • RTAC Vice Chair: Deb Battle, NGMC

  • Education: Sam Stone, Lanier Technical College

  • Injury Prevention - Donna Lee, NGMC

  • Medical Oversight - John Adamski, NGMC

  • Performance Improvement - Jesse Gibson, NGMC

  • Pre-hospital Communication - Kyle Powers, Hall County Fire & EMS

Georgia Trauma System Map

Region II EMS Counties

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